broken blood vessel love in eye

Ready for the weirdest, most fantastic thing you’ll see all day? A woman’s burst blood vessel led to the word “love” being spelled out–on her eye. As in, directly on her eyeball; none of that “lid” or “inner corner” stuff. It’s on her eyeball.

Apparently, the woman whose eye is in question is the mother of YouTube user LivingOak, who posted a video of her mom looking to the right so we can all collectively ogle her cool new mutant ability. Check it out:

YES IT IS AWESOME. Well, it is awesome in the event you are not extremely disgusted by eye stuff, which I realize many people are and I apologize for writing this post, sort of. (Though it had “eye” in the title, so I suppose you should have known better regardless.) It’s bewildering that it turned into the shape of not 1, not 2, but 4 cursive letters that happened to form an actual word. And an Internet-shareable one at that! With fascinating coincidences going on in our bodies like this, it is hard not to feel totally bewildered and amazed by them. I wish that every time any of us felt negatively towards what we look like, our bodies could send a quick little reminder saying, “Hey, I’m still here and I’m still awesome, so appreciate me please.” And hopefully, it would look something like this.

Now, if only we can get this user to convince her mom to apply wild and amazing eyeliner hacks from PinterestThat would be the most Pin-able thing I think we will ever see; after all, the only thing she has to do to “like” one is look to her right.