busy phillipps

You know who is a great actress that actually seems like it would be fun to hang out with? Busy Philipps. Why is she not starring in everything right now? Why is it only Nicole Kidman all the time? I don’t know, but Busy Philipps is talking to The Conversation host Amanda de Cadenet about weight, and waxing and feminism.

Asked whether or not she waxes or shaves, Busy replied: 

“I love this question,” the expectant star said. “I do get waxed, but after I had my daughter I had this real epiphany. I felt like it would be really f–king weird if I had no hair on my vagina, because I have a little girl and I want her to look at me and think that grown women have hair on their vaginas!”

While I completely believe in waxing, that seems like a fair point, there. She also talked about her weight, saying:

I was asked to lose weight by a network for a TV pilot. The conversation happens because you get a job and your agent or manager calls and they say, ‘They are so excited about you. They just think there is no one better for this part and they want you to look and feel your best — they really feel that that could include losing 15 or 20 pounds.

Raise your hand if you are shocked. Ah. No one.

And she concluded:

“I feel like it’s the last frontier of feminism — the weight thing with women — even for myself.I identify as a feminist. I have so many feminist beliefs — and then I’m so mean to myself about my body sometimes. Or I can be judgmental about other people for their bodies, and I don’t know how to get over it.”

Oh, Busy, come by anytime, we’ll go get some ice cream.

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