lea michele butt selfie

If you want a butt to look as good in a bathing suit (or on Instagram) as Lea Michele’s does, it could take a bit more than some squats and an exfoliator mitt. But that’s OK because “butt facials” are a thing that exists now, and I can’t believe it, but I really want to get one.

It is completely normal to get red bumps on your butt, especially if you sit at a desk all day like bloggers do. But even if they’re normal, butt acne is super embarrassing and can be really painful. According to Stylite, one butt acne-suffering customer at Williamsburg salon Skin by Molly was not so embarrassed that she’d avoid asking for help, though. She called the salon and asked if they could do anything about her butt pimples, and thus the “Shiney Hiney” facial was born.

“Hey, skin is skin, I got no judgment. Acne can flare up anywhere,” said proprietor Molly Lamb.

The “Shiney Hiney” facial is a 30-minute facial that includes 30 minutes of Marco exfoliation, which is like microdermabrasion, and a peal with steam.

Frankly, I am extremely conflicted about this idea. When I heard of a butt facial, my first thought was, “Gross!” But now I think it makes perfect sense. Acne does turn up everywhere! It’s not really any weirder than getting a wax or a massage, right? And if it can help get rid of those embarrassing butt pimples before Memorial Day, that sounds pretty damn awesome to me.

If you are similarly intrigued but don’t live in Williamsburg, it might be worth it to follow the intrepid footsteps of the brave Skin by Molly client and just call a local aesthetician and ask if this is something they could do in your area. Like Lamb said, “skin is skin.” And anything that can cure those horrible butt pimples is worth a bit of embarrassment on the phone.

(Photo: Instagram/LeaMichele)