The things doctors can do with plastic surgery are impressive, but plastic surgery is not a perfect science. Nothing will remind you of that like seeing this video of Renee Talley, whose botched butt implants can actually be flipped over from the outside.


Talley posted this video of her butt implants rotating as a cautionary tale to warn people away from the surgery, and the reversible implant is not even Talley’s first butt surgery disaster. Talley said she started getting butt surgeries in 2010, which she said was probably due to “a little mid-life crisis.” Talley just wanted the fullness back at the top of her butt, where she had lost some muscle tone over the years.

Not long after the procedure, though, she started to suffer from unpleasant side effects.

“I was having a lot of fatigue, I had a lot of pain and sensitivity in my butt,” she told The Daily Mail. “I was having stomach issues and bathroom problems and it progressively got worse.”

That sounds pretty bad, but the actual diagnosis was worse than expected. An MRI revealed that the silicone had spread along her back and legs. It had even attached to her organs and caused an autoimmune disorder.

Getting rid of the implants was the only option, but Talley was unwilling to deal with the aesthetic results of their removal. Taking the implants out without replacing them would have left visible “deformities,” according to the doctors, who recommended that anyway.

“Me being vain, I didn’t want that,” Talley said. “I decided to put an implant in to fill in the space where the silicone was removed. They wanted me to wait six months, and I said no.”

The replacement implants turned out to be the ones Talley could flip over with her hands. She posted the video on YouTube as a public service, saying she hopes other people will think twice about undertaking drastic plastic surgery.

“It’s something I did to myself so I’m going to have to learn to live with it,” she said. “I’m probably never going to be able to fix the imperfection. If you ruin it, you can’t go back and fix it.”

Talley has since had the flipping implants removed, but will likely have to live with the results of the surgery for the rest of her life.

(Photos: YouTube/Renee Talley)