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It’s no secret that I have a mild obsession with matte liquid lipsticks. I mean, I spent almost every day for the past two months talking about (or at least thinking about) Kylie Jenner‘s Lip Kits, but the love began before that. I bought my first Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in my early college years, and the relationship just escalated from there. Now, I’d say I have at least 16 different matte liquid lipsticks in my collection, and none have ever made me feel the joy I feel when I use Buxom Cosmeticsnew Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick ($21). Quite simply, these are life-changing. And no, that’s not even a little bit of an exaggeration.

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Full disclosure: these aren’t actually available until March 20 and they were sent to me, so I didn’t pay for them, but after trying them out, I’m totally planning on shelling out for a few more shades. Here they are in all their glory:

buxom lip color product shot

I’ll admit that they’re a bit hefty for my taste, but so were their Full-On Lip Creams, and I ended up loving those, so, you know, don’t judge a lipstick by its tube and all that jazz. The applicator is your standard liquid lipstick wand, and the formula is smooth, velvety, and offers an insane amount of color coverage.

buxom lip color swatches

L-R: Dominatrix, Swinger, Centerfold

These are just three of the colors, but there will also be a whole range of spring- and summer-ready shades, including berry, watermelon, and tangerine shades.

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The application is made a whole lot easier by the size of applicator, which is about as long as my lip is wide. The application isn’t thick, liquidy, or sticky, and I don’t feel like I’m wearing a ton of product once it’s on. Better yet, I don’t feel like I need to fan my face to accelerate the dry time. My love for the product began when I wore Dominatrix on a whim the other day, but here’s Centerfold on my lips:

buxom lip color beforeIt’s a little frustrating that the formula sinks into the cracks of my lips rather than gliding smoothly over them, but that’s kind of what I get for not applying lip balm or lip primer first. That one complaint, though, which can be easily dealt with, is my only problem with the lipstick. It lasts LITERALLY all day, so much so that it’s a little bit difficult to take off at the end of the night. To give you an idea, here’s how it help up against a cup of coffee and my lunch:

buxom lip color after

There’s just the slightest bit of fading in pigmentation and around the edges, but even high-quality stains and long wear lipsticks do that throughout the day. Barely any product came off on the rim of my coffee cup, and I wasn’t left with the dreaded lipstick chin after taking a bite out of my sandwich.

The verdict? This is easily the best matte liquid lipstick I’ve ever used. It’s not drying like so many matte-finish products are, I don’t have to reapply in the middle of the day, it comes in a variety of shades (this nude is the perfect “my lips but better” color, actually), and at $21, it’s cheaper and better than Kylie’s Lip Kits, a.k.a. the liquid lipstick of the moment (sorry, ColourPop).

(Photos: Sara Steinfeld/The Gloss)