Life is an emotional thing. It has ups and it has downs, and beauty lovers can often experience all of these highs and lows while attempting to buy limited-edition makeup products.

Now more than ever, beauty brands are attempting to fill our insatiable desire for new products with exclusive collaborations or products that are only available in small quantities for exclusive appeal. For those of us looking to nab them, it means that the pressure is on because once the products are gone, they’re really gone.

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These are the emotions that you go through when trying to buy limited-edition makeup:

1. Excitement
From the moment you see that Instagram post announcing that gorgeous new product, your heart begins to beat faster. You know that you have to have it. It is love at first sight and your makeup collection simply wouldn’t be complete without out. You don’t care how much it is. It’s worth it.

2. Cunning
You need a plan to ensure that you get this product in your hands. You know how the game works. This isn’t something where you can just log onto your computer and hope for the best. You need an action plan.

3. Obsessive
You have written the date and time of the launch on four different calendars. You have even repeatedly checked the correct time to make sure the east coast/west coast time difference doesn’t mess you up. You’ve even done a “dry run” where you’ve pretended to buy the product. You’ve signed up to the mailing list, your credit card is by the computer and you’ve had your finger refreshing the brand’s Instagram page since the first announcement was made.

4. Panicked
It’s that time of the day already? You are not ready. You are going to mess this up. You need more time. You should have got your friends, mom, dad and sister to log on to their computers to try and snag the product for you too. Why didn’t you think of this sooner? Gah.

5. Defeated
You are not going to get the product. You can sense it. You internet connection is too slow and you’re pretty sure your clock is two crucial minutes behind. You have made rookie mistakes and now they will cost you big time.

6. Jubilant
Success! Success! Success! After all of the stress and last minute panic, you are staring at that confirmation page with a grin from ear to ear. You knew your prep work was going to pay off and it turned out your internet connection wasn’t as slow as you thought. You are the champion! And you do a little victory dance in celebration.

7. Sad
You scan that glorious confirmation page stating that you successfully snagged one of the rare products again. This time you notice the fine print where it says the items wouldn’t be shipped out until the end of the month. That is weeks away! You want the product in your hands now. Why must they tease us like this?