Buzzcuts are one of the hottest hair trends of Spring 2017. They have slowly been creeping into the beauty world with celebrities like Amber Rose, Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron all sporting buzzcuts. However, 2017 is when the trend really kicked into high gear with more and more people reaching for the razors.

Given that Cara Delevingne‘s metallic shaved head was one of the hottest looks at the 2017 Met Gala, the trend is likely to get even bigger. We’ve already seen hair color trends inspired by the shorn style. See: Hair carving and leopard spot hair.

If you’ve been debating about whether to shave your long locks off, but you’re worried you’ll be bored of a buzzed ‘do, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest buzzcuts to show that they are anything but boring,

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Here are the edgy buzzcuts that just may inspire you to pick up that razor:

1. Navy Buzzcut

昨日りのちゃんに綺麗にしてもらいました毎度毎度ありがとう☺️???生で見るとすごく綺麗23時過ぎなら帰ってくるからみんな会おう。 #坊主#坊主女子 #buzzcut #buzzcutgirl #womanbuzzcut #baldgirl #baldisbeautiful #ラパンセ#blue #この後まやちゃん達と飲んだよ #世間狭すぎな #約10年後にりゅーしんくんと友達になるなんてね #汗でキラキラしてたスポーツ男子って勝手なイメージ抱いてたけど目の前にいる彼は別人でした笑 #りゅーしんくん清水くんご馳走様です #まやちゃん酔ってて覚えてないだろう #こちさーん言いながら抱きついてきてくれてありがとう #思いはTwitterにぶつけておきました #りゅーしんくん負けないからね! #また四人で飲もう #8日ぶりのお休み満喫できました #そんなこちさんは電車に揺られてます #そろそろからあげチャージしなくては #からあげください #からあげになりたい #夢はからあげ

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How short can you go? Even if you have a closely cropped ‘do you can still experiment with different hair colors.

2. Red and Yellow Spots

Meteor Shower by @tori_stewart93

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This buzzcut is on the longer side of the spectrum, but it’s just as cool as any other look.

3. Bleached Buzzcut

A bleached buzzcut can almost be considered a classic look. If you want to add an alien vibe to it, bleach your brows too.

4. Indigo Buzzcut

How pretty is this? The shape of the hair and the color are stunning.

5. Carved Rainbow Flowers

Hairstylist Janine Ker has been lighting up Instagram thanks to her hair carving technique. This hand-painted floral design is just one of the many reasons why.

6. Short Shave

You don’t have to go right to your skull if you don’t feel comfortable. This look still has a bit of length.

7. Bleached Blonde

Powerful??? @stepthebarber

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Look closely and see that there is a bit of extra length on top of the head compared to the sides.

8. Close Shave

One of the brilliant things about buzzcuts is that they put your gorgeous facial features front and center. Just take a look at this buzzed style.

9. Auburn Buzzcut

If you weren’t born with red hair, you can still achieve the look thanks to a bit of hair dye. You won’t need much on your shaved locks.

10. Leopard Spots

Def Leppard by @erikpascarelli

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Bleach London made buzzcuts even cooler by adding some leopard spots into the mix.