Today, in news of the counter-intuitive: a new study suggests that people who smoke pot regularly are at lower risk for obesity than the general population, despite the drug’s appetite-stimulating properties. This directly contradicts empirical evidence my associates and I have gathered over the course of much late night culinary experimentation. Am I to believe that between the soup sandwiches and the spaghetti tacos, we have somehow inadvertently created a superfood?

In a combined survey of about 50,000 people, researchers found 22-25% of the non pot smokers to be obese, while only 16-17% of cannabis users were. Furthermore, the people who smoked pot at least three times a week had even lower rates of obesity (~14%). The more you blaze, the thinner you stays!

They have yet to figure out if this is a correlation or a causation, but here’s a theory: weed costs money. A lot of weed costs a lot of money. We already know that obesity is tied to socioeconomic factors, so maybe the people who can afford to keep themselves in Purple Haze are the same ones who can afford healthy food and gym memberships? Then there is the fact that a lot of the people who smoke weed are dirty, dirty hippies. Everyone knows those people are, like, way into raw vegan whatever and outdoor activities where they commune with Gaia.

My favorite part of the study comes at the end, where the scientists are basically like, “sure, smoking weed might help you stay thin, appreciate nature documentaries and generally have an awesome time, but you still shouldn’t do it because DRUGS ARE BAD, MMKAY?” Whatever, nerds. Call me if you need someone to smoke some of those medical grade lab joints and then do a puzzle or something.

(Via LiveScience)

(Photo via Marie Claire)