macaulay culkin

Macaulay Culkin, goodness, remember him? He’s 31 now. He looks like this. Now, seeing this picture makes me think two things:

1) Isn’t it odd the way people who were good looking in youth grow up… not to be? I feel startled by this picture the way I feel startled when I log on to Facebook and see that some of the most gorgeous girls in high school have grown up to look like someone’s slightly bloated aunt. Not that they look bad (although, wow, Macaulay Culkin looks terrible), they just look like pale versions of what they once were, although all the beauty that once resided with in them just said “yeah, well, I’m hitting the road.” It makes you wonder, doesn’t it, when you will be past your prime. I mean, we all want to be like Carmen Dell’Orefice whose prime is seemingly “forever”, but what if our beautiful days have already passed and every moment we are just growing uglier and uglier and uglier? OH MY GOD RUN TO THE BATHROOM MIRROR AND TRY TO HOLD YOUR FACE IN PLACE FOREVER.

2) Yeah, Macaulay Culkin’s last memorable movie was Party Monster. He probably does a whole bunch of drugs.