Picture if you will: you’re an ordinary woman trapped in the nightmarish cycle of domestic violence. Your boyfriend/husband beats you so violently that you cannot leave the house for days. When your bruises turn purple, he says he feels terrible and swears he’ll never do it again. He even buys you an expensive necklace to apologize. Because you’ve been systematically stripped of your own self-worth, you want to believe that he’s changed. Whether it won’t happen again or this is just another one of his convenient apologies doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your hair should always look cute.

Holy shit.

Not really sure how we missed this but yesterday, Copyranter brought the internet the above ad for a salon in Edmonton called Fluid, which has a reputation for “pushing boundaries” (/being assholes?). Naturally, people were offended… by this relentlessly offensive ad. The Edmonton Sun spoke to the salon’s owner:

Store owner Sarah Cameron said the point of the ads was to spark controversy, but they were never meant to target or attack anyone. “It might strike a chord, but as the way our society and community is getting, we keep tailoring everything because everyone is getting so sensitive,” said Cameron. “Anyone who has a connection or a story behind anything can be upset or have an opinion. We are not trying to attack anyone.”

Basically, “People are all whiny PC bitches. If I can’t exploit domestic violence to sell expensive haircuts, then the terrorists have won.” Huh.

According to Gawker, the ad debuted over a year ago. Better late than never, though, if you want to let the salon know your thoughts.