As you might have guessed, Cara Delevingne is having more fun at London Fashion Week than pretty much anyone. Walking in shows. Maybe having sex with Harry Styles (or maybe not!). Taking her style cues from Spring Breakers. She also got to do her favorite thing of all: eating a bunch of junk food and waving it in all our fat faces via Instagram.

In a photo posted to social media yesterday, Cara and fellow model Jourdan Dunn can be seen holding McDonald’s bags in their mouths like crazed animals. “My food is faster than yours!!! #fashionweekdietplan,” she captioned it. In other words, “my food is more fattening than yours, because I am a genetically blessed supermodel who can eat a ton of junk food and never gain weight, LOL!”

In a perfect world, body types and food preferences would be value-neutral things, and Cara Delevingne could talk about hers all she wanted. It might be odd how badly one person wanted everyone to know she treated her body like a garbage can, but it wouldn’t be so obnoxious. But in the world we inhabit, fashion models have to be so skinny that many of them meet the physical criteria for anorexia. That aesthetic, in turn, is held up as the unattainable marker to which we must all aspire, and used to make us feel like shit about ourselves so that we will buy things. Even naturally skinny people often have to go on severely restricted diets in order to fulfill the requirements of fashion modeling or, more absurdly, acting. So when some freak of nature comes along who can eat whatever delicious crap she likes and still stay fashion week skinny, it might be the best course of action not to brag about it. Nobody likes a sore winner.

TL;DR: Cara Delevingne can eat whatever tasty fat-and-carb-laden things she likes and I will not begrudge her the pleasure (much). But if she and Jourdan want to seem “likable” to people other than bros who fantasize about girls who eat a ton of burgers and never gain an ounce, maybe they should start Instagramming things other than their aspirational metabolisms.

(Via The New York Daily News)

Photo: Instagram