cara delevingne w september cover

People love Cara Delevingne. We guess because they like gifs a lot? Regardless, the very near overexposed Brit It Girl has the cover of W‘s all-important September issue and, unusually, the accompanying profile begins with a discussion of her psoriasis.

Apparently her body “is in total rebellion against the profession that made her a star”:

[When] she’s stressed or nervous, angry red patches flare up on her skin.

“It only happened during Fashion Week!” Delevingne told me, calling from her agent’s office in London. “Which is, of course, the worst time of the year for me to be covered in scabs. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, and I’m sensitive. Kate [Moss] saw me before the Louis Vuitton show at 3 a.m., when I was being painted by people to cover the scabs,” Delevingne recalled. “She said, ‘This is horrible! Why is this happening? I need to help you.’ She got me a doctor that afternoon; Kate gives really good advice.”

Everyone take a moment to consider the very surreal situation in which one woman stands naked, covered in scabs and body paint, and then Kate Moss steps in to offer medical advice. Just think about it, is our point.

Other interesting things we learn: she wanted to be “an actress or a musician” (!) as a kid, she was once “reportedly so drunk at a party on a boat [in Cannes] that [she was made to stay] aboard for the night,” and she comes from the sort of family that spawns children who ask for agents as presents. You know, aristocracy stuff.

But! Because this is a profile of a model in a magazine, we must endure explanation of how she also feels inadequate:

“In the beginning, I was thinking, How do I set myself apart from the other girls?” Delevingne said. “So many girls were taller, skinnier, and prettier. And I’m not a girly girl at all—I didn’t get boobs until I was around 18! As a teenager, I kept thinking, I’m so short, and I have no boobs—what do I do?” ­

The answer, for Delevingne, was to make squishy faces at the camera.

You can read the full profile over at W.