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As we have previously reported, Agent Provocateur has made a terrible, cat-themed video starring model/socialite Poppy Delevingne. (It is terrible for many reasons, not the least of which is the cat’s criminal lack of screen time.) Not to be outshined, Poppy’s sister Cara Delevingne has now appeared in a terrible cat video of her very own (produced by LOVE Magazine) in the hopes that hers would be the definitive terrible cat/model video on the internet. Did she succeed? Who wore the internet worst?

Cat content:

The adorable Russian blue kitten is not in the video nearly enough, and when he is, Cara forces him to dance to Shania Twain. Is this better than no cat at all? I say yes, by a hair, for the sole reason that the kitten successfully moons her around 3:30. POINT POPPY.


It’s hard to see with it pulled back in a ponytail, but it looks like they actually let Cara wash hers. POINT POPPY.


Cara wears a Batman mask, while Poppy wears her casual house lingerie. Batman rules. POINT POPPY.


Poppy listens to some inoffensive jazz, while Cara lip syncs and makes sexyface to the worst crossover country-pop radio hit of the late nineties. POINT CARA.


Neither scenario makes any sense. TIE.

Cara put up a good fight, but in the end, it looks like Poppy’s Agent Provocateur ad was just too impressively awful to beat. Better luck next time, sis!

(Via The Cut)