Supermodel extraordinaire Carol Alt has come out with a line of reasonably-priced beauty products that will have your skin looking young and radiant. Her eye cream, eye serum, facial moisturizer, face scrub, and night cream all offer organic, non-chemical solutions for keeping your skin looking soft and healthy.

Image: Raw Essentials

Image: Raw Essentials

Carol Alt is one of the most well-known supermodels in the world and has also managed to lead a respectable acting career as well. She created the Raw Essentials line after suffering from chronic illness and discovering that the artificial chemicals in skin products are mostly absorbed into her skin. Carol Alt decided that a Raw lifestyle is the only way to go.

The Raw-Juvenate Eye Recoup cream contains a stunning 82 percent pure aloe, an ingredient that hydrates, moisturizes, and soothes skin while keeping it firm and tight. It also contains virgin coconut oil, which contains powerful antioxidants, and mushroom extract, a natural skin lightener. Price: $22.50.

The Raw Vita Eye Serum helps to reduce the appearance of tired eyes, containing 84 percent pure aloe and virgin coconut oil. However, it also contains Tamanu oil, which is a Polynesian beauty secret that heals and smoothes skin. This product is great to use in the morning or evening. Price: $19.95.

Raw-Activate Facial Moisturizer contains the same ingredients as the Raw Vita Eye Serum, but it also contains pure citrus oil for a scent that is refreshing and revitalizing. The balance of the ingredients allows the skin to absorb the product more easily. Price: $29.50.

Raw-Finish Rigorous Face Scrub gently exfoliates the skin without creating micro-scratches by using Jojoba microbeads. This face scrub offers amazing results without the use of harsh chemicals. Price: $19.50.

Raw-Scue Night Restore Cream is a great natural product to use on your face at night. Since there are no harsh chemicals in this product, you can leave it on your skin all night without worrying about absorbing strange things into your bloodstream! Price: $26.00.

I feel comfortable using all of these Raw Essentials products because I know that everything I am putting onto my skin is something I could find in my garden – well, for the coconuts, I may need to go back to the Dominican Republic!