I received a shipment of products from Caroline Chu this week.

As usual there was a conversation with my daughter, “Mom, this should go in our bathroom – it’s the ‘guest’ bath and it should have the pretty bottles.”  That’s the argument she used and I have to admit that it was a good one, but I still put the bottles in my bathroom.

The bottles are pretty. They have a sleek look and a smoky color. They remind me of the salon products that I used when I was a hairdresser. More important than the bottle – was what was inside the bottle – lovely fragrant bath and body products. I had the opportunity to try Caroline Chu’s Moisturizing Body Lotion, Shower Gel, and Fragrance Oil.

Caroline Chu’s Philosophy:

Beauty begins on the inside – Caroline Chu, Inc. creates innovative, luxurious products centered on overall well – being. Using the highest quality natural ingredients available, our products represent what beauty should be like straight forward and effortless. Our philosophy is to promote women of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, to feel confident and empowered.

Here’s what I liked about Caroline Chu’s products – they smelled wonderful and they did what they promised to do. They left my skin feeling soft, healthy, and lightly scented. The body lotion worked well on my elbows, heels – places that need extra care. The shower gel made lots of bubbles (I do like bubbles).

The Fragrance oil is easy to throw into my purse. Portable is a plus – I’m always on the go. I like that that the fragrance oil scent is fresh and floral. The lily and rose give way to a soft and powdery-scented dry down. I’ve been dreaming of Spring lately and this is like Spring in a bottle. It made me feel feminine and ……well pretty. Smelling good, it’s one of the best parts about being a girl, after all.

Another good point is that the products are natural and free from harsh chemicals.

Fragrance by Caroline Chu

Effortlessly chic, Fragrance is an instant day-starter and anytime pick-me-up. Highly concentrated to last throughout the day, this delicate scent accentuates femininity with its enticing, crisp aromatics. Luscious notes of exotic roses and lilies mingle with warm undertones of sandalwood and musk, and are elegantly softened by hints of spring rain and dewy moss. (.36fl/10.7ml)

Moisturizing Body Lotion

An exquisite moisturizing body lotion designed for deep moisturizing and restoring tone for smooth, fresh skin. Natural plant extracts help tone, firm, and revitalize skin, especially when used after showering. Infused with aloe, Vitamins E, A, C, and B5 for optimal nourishment, leaving skin feeling smooth and supple. Muguet Scented.

Shower Gel

Delicately infused with chamomile; this mild, gentle cleansing, luxury shower gel is perfect for sensitive and all skin types. Naturally enriched with vitamins and soothing aloe vera for a pure and healthy, non-soapy clean. Rich, relaxing lather helps skin retain moisture for a well-deserved repose. Muguet Scented. (11.8oz/350ml) Made in U.S.A.

Image credit: Caroline Chu.com