Male model Casey Legler poses for AllSaints Spitalfields

A few months ago, we wrote about Casey Legler, the first woman on Ford‘s male model board. Although the 6’2” former Olympic swimmer photographs beautifully–and speaks eloquently and candidly about the limitations of modern ideas of gender–we were curious if it would be the last we saw of her. As with any boundary-breaking figure in the modeling industry (whether Andrej Pejic, Lea T or Crystal Renn), we’re always unsure if their success will last. The fashion industry is usually only interested in breaking boundaries if there’s an immediate benefit, while the modeling industry is notoriously fickle. We’re hoping this campaign is the first of many.

The Telegraph has details:

Cutting an androgynous figure in the portraits, which will be running on the AllSaints website to show the new spring 2013 collection, Legler models a mix of men’s and womenswear – proving that she isn’t tied down to any specific gender boundary.

The brand’s creative director, Wil Beedle, commented: “AllSaints has always been about creativity and will always have an affinity with young directional creatives. Casey typifies this spirit.”

Other personalities in the Portrait Series include British artist Barry Reigate and Sonja Kinski, daughter of German actress Nastassja Kinski.

And one more shot from Allsaints:

Male model Casey Legler poses for AllSaints Spitalfields

(via The Telegraph)