Casey legler Vogue

It’s been a shitty week for mankind so here’s a small thing that’s positive: Casey Legler, the first women signed to Ford‘s men’s board, has landed a feature in Us Vogue, taking the boundary-shattering model–and what she represents in terms of destroying antiquated notions of gender–from fashion’s artsy fringe right to its main stage. How about a round of applause?

We’ve been eagerly tracking the progress of Legler, an artist and former Olympic swimmer, since she was first interviewed by Time last year. Since then, she’s had a few sizeable gigs–a feature in the UK’s Observer, an AllSaints campaign–but nothing trumps a big old portrait and profile in American Vogue.

While the headline is arguably a little cringey–as is presenting the dismantling of harmful stereotypes as a cool, sexy new trend–it’s really awesome to see Legler get a break of this caliber. Now that she’s on Anna Wintour‘s radar, we’ll probably see a lot more of her.

And did we mention howthoughtful and circumspect Legler comes across in every interview? She tells Vogue: “I happen to be a woman–sheer luck of the biological roulette–who has the great privilege to engage the ways in which gender signifiers can be liberated.” The privilege is ours.

Legler was shot by Daniel Jackson; check it out in the May issue of Vogue.