15 Celebrities You Didn't Know Have Acne.

Everyone deals with the occasional spot, but for those with severe acne, it’s different.

Six or seven years ago, a friend of mine was trying to convince me to read Charles Bukowski‘s book Ham On Rye, but being the semi-pretentious creative writing major that I was, I didn’t feel super interested. “I like his poetry,” I said, “but I really doubt I’ll be into a whiney memoir of a grumpy writer’s childhood.” He replied, “He stood outside his prom with toilet paper covering his bloody pimples because he felt so ashamed of his acne.” I know it sounds odd, but up until that point, I had been ignorant to just how debilitating acne can be. And given my internalized glorification of successful, famous people, I just sort of assumed every celebrity’s skin, hair, body and life were perfect unless otherwise noted.

We all have issues with our appearances (well, most of us, at least), but there is a particular type of self-loathing my friends who have acne as adults experience on a regular basis. While I was too absorbed in my own issues as a middle schooler to note that brand of anxiety, I am sure it is equally (if not more) stressful as a preteen and teenager dealing with severe acne, what with appearance being a remarkable contributor to how everyone treats you.

It is fairly easy to cover up one pimple, but as we saw with Cassandra Bankson‘s video a couple years ago, doing full base makeup when you’ve got cystic acne is an intense process that utilizes multiple techniques. But if you have experienced acne problems, the good news is that you’re definitely not alone. Tons of famous people have dealt with acne, even in industries where their faces are in the spotlight constantly (Bankson included). Of course, they have infinite dermatologists, aestheticians and spas at their disposal, but it’s still a really tough battle to face when you’re so frequently being photographed and scrutinized. Let’s take a look at some of those celebs, shall we?

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