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Gap teeth are the stuff of legends. In France, they are called “les dents du bonheur”, and those blessed with the gap are said to have good luck follow them through life. In Ghana, Namibia, and Nigeria, gap teeth are a sign of beauty and prosperity. In North America, well, they’re often considered a cosmetic problem to be “fixed.” But why? Gap teeth can be downright sexy, and those lucky enough to have them (myself included) are in good company. Case in point: this list of 11 celebrities with gorgeous gap-toothed grins.

1. Alek Wek

alek wek

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The first time I ever told my mother that I hated the space between my front teeth, she showed me a picture of Alek Wek. Seeing that the gap between the Sudanese supermodel’s teeth enhanced her beauty made me feel a hell of a lot better about the space between my own.

2. Vanessa Paradis


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The French model, singer, and actress has found a very good reason to never “fix” her teeth: “Why would I fix them? I was born with them. I can spit water through them. They’re useful!” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2012.

3. Georgia May Jagger


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Her gap teeth are her most famous asset, but British model Georgia May Jagger has said she sometimes worries about how her gap tooth will look as she ages. “I still worry I’m going to look weird as I get older. I’ll be a weird old woman with scary teeth,” she told Net-A-Porter in 2013. Georgia, don’t worry about it–gap teeth look just as good on older women as they do on 20-somethings. (Case in point: Lauren Hutton and Brigitte Bardot. Scroll down to check them out.)

4. Anna Paquin

anna paquin

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Can you even imagine actress Anna Paquin without that distinctive gap between her teeth? It really is her best feature.

5. Lauren Hutton

lauren hutton

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Lauren Hutton is an American model who became the face of The Row at the age of 64 and has appeared on 28 different covers of Vogue. Lauren is a longtime lover of her gap teeth and even appeared in this 1987 short film about women with the trait. Skip ahead to the 2:50 mark and you’ll see Lauren roaming the streets of New York City in search of gap-toothed strangers to appear in the film.

6. Lindsey Wixson

lindsey wixon

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Supermodel Lindsey Wixson, who recently walked the runway in clothes that can only be described as “bee-keeper chic“, told Vogue in 2013 that she’s happy she never “fixed” her gap. “As a child, my dentist always asked my parents if they wanted to close my gap teeth,” she said. “I didn’t want braces at all because I already had glasses, so I kept saying that I’d wait to see how my teeth grew in. Now I’m really glad that I kept the gap. There are a lot of iconic women from past and present who have one.” You can add yourself to that list, Lindsey.

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7. Lara Stone

lara stone

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You’ll recognize this gap-toothed beauty, Dutch supermodel Lara Stone, from those already-infamous Justin Bieber underwear ads. Yup, that was Lara looking absolutely thrilled to be hanging out in her Calvins with the Biebs.

8. Uzo Aduba

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Uzo Aduba is an Emmy-award-winning actress and the shining star of everybody’s favorite Netflix show, Orange is the New Black. Uzo is also the owner of a gorgeous set of gap teeth, a trait she once loathed but now loves. Uzo actually wrote an essay for Cosmopolitan about her gap, in which she says she used to wear fake teeth and beg her mother for braces. Her mom refused, explaining that in their family’s home country of Nigeria gap teeth are considered a sign of beauty and intelligence. Take one look at Uzo herself and you’ll have to agree that the people of Nigeria definitely got that one right.

9. Flea


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Flea’s claim to fame: he’s the wonderfully weird and gap-toothed bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. My claim to fame: I once was so close to the stage at a RHCP concert that some of Flea’s sweat landed on me.

10. Brigitte Bardot


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What list about gap-toothed beauties would be complete without the iconic French actress, singer, model, and activist Brigitte Bardot?

11. Michael Strahan

michael strahan

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Michael Strahan is a retired American football player and the current co-host of Live! with Kelly and Michael. He is also the sexiest man alive (yes, this is a fact), and his gap teeth are the stuff of dreams (also a fact).