Emma Stone Revlon Nails Ad

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I believe certain celebrity beauty endorsements, the same way I believe in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus–I’d like them to be real, but I know deep down that they aren’t. I have a very difficult time accepting that any celebrity would dye their hair from a box when they travel with a personal hairstylist and get bazillion dollar scalp treatments. However there are some celebrity beauty endorsements that are better pairings than Rihanna and a see-through top–and that is saying something. The brand and celeb morph into one unit in my mind and then I can’t remember a time before the partnership–and most importantly, it makes me want the product that much more.

Here are the celebrity beauty endorsements that are such good pairings that they go together better than Kimye‘s matching leather jackets:

1. Blake Lively For L’Oréal Paris

Blake Lively has hair that I’m pretty sure is made out of spun gold. She makes me inexplicably want 1950s housewife meets Barbarella hair and she wins the award for the most epic braid to ever grace a Cannes red carpet. Whatever L’Oréal executive thought to sign her, deserves a promotion.

2. Jennifer Aniston For Living Proof

So when I was saying all that nice stuff about Blake Lively, I kind of forgot about Jennifer Aniston being the undisputed best hair queen–at least during her Friends and Brad Pitt phases. She has the most glorious beachy waves that make her look like she is a mermaid with newly formed legs that has just emerged from the sea. It was a no brainer that she decided to front her own hair product company (yup Living Proof is her’s). Those locks will probably make more than Friends royalties.

3. Diane Kruger For Chanel

Diane Kruger already has Chanel clothing campaigns under her belt, and she is one of the few people Karl Lagerfeld seems to actually like, so those are decent enough reasons to hire her. But it’s the fact that she has skin so radiant that it look like she has the YSL Touche Éclat formula running through her bloodstream is what seals the deal. She is an ex-model so no surprise there.

4. Rita Ora For Rimmel London

Rita Ora Rimmel Ad

via MTV

Yes, Rita Ora is a London girl, so she’s already 50% there for being a perfect match for Rimmel. Add in her penchant for striking red lipstick (35%), commitment to stiletto nails (5%) and cool nail art (10%) and she doesn’t just deserve her own beauty endorsement, she deserves her own collection too. Which she got, of course.

5. Lupita Nyong’o For Lancôme

Lupita Nyong'o Lancome

Alexi Lubomirski

When Lupita Nyong’o was announced as the new face of Lancôme, I didn’t need to wait to see the advertisements to know that it was a beauty endorsement from the makeup heavens. I’m tempted right now to go out and buy the serum, moisturizer and highlighter in hopes that I can get a luminous glow half as good as Lupita’s light-from-within radiance.

6. Scarlett Johansson For Dolce & Gabbana Makeup

Since the term “sex kitten” makes me gag, I will instead say that Dolce & Gabbana are known for their sexy, glamorous Sophia Loren looks. And who is the modern day (American) equivalent of Sophia? Why that would be Scarlett Johansson. Who wouldn’t buy a red lipstick from looking at that ad–and probably an organ-squishing corset to go with it.

7. Jennifer Lopez For L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris knows how to pick ’em (see #1). At first, you might think that the brand is too lowbrow for Jennifer Lopez, but remember she is still Jenny From The Block. She would totally keep it real with a drugstore foundation–she would just apply it with a mink brush. High-and-low mixing at its best.

8. Sofia Vergara For COVERGIRL

Sofia Vergara could have easily endorsed any makeup brand. With lips like those, what company wouldn’t want her? But Sofia is more than a very pretty face, she is a woman who knows how to have fun–just watch any episode of Modern Family for proof. What makeup brand loves to have fun? Why that would be COVERGIRL. Their pairing is a gift from the makeup gods.

9. Zooey Deschanel For Pantene Pro V 

When I first think of Zooey Deschanel, I don’t think of New Girl or quirky vintage outfits (those are second and third, respectively), I think of her lush dark hair and never-separating bangs. Pantene got the the volume product endorsement spot on, the girl knows how to work a teasing comb (I guess some people still use them). The only thing that would have made this pairing better, is if there was a product specifically for bangs. There’s an idea for the next endorsement.

10. Emma Stone For Revlon

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a hair color, or piece of clothing that Emma Stone couldn’t pull-off. And she does it in a normal-girl-having-fun-with-fashion way that makes us think that we can pull it off too. This is why she is a reassuring choice for Revlon. If Emma can look adorable in a peach lip, I’m sure I can too, right? Right.