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We get a little bit too excited when celebrities change up their hair and give us something new to gawk at, and thanks to these ladies and their ever-changing looks, we never run out of gawking material. These ten celebrities have a different hairstyle every time we turn around, and we kind of love every second of it!

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1. Kelly Osbourne. If you follow Kelly on Instagram, it seems like she has a drastic new hairstyle every night of her life. Whether it’s threading safety pins through her locks or shaving pieces off, she’s never been boring.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala -  Outside Arrivals

2. Rihanna. She’s had every length imaginable and every color of the rainbow, and yet every one of her unique styles has looked flawless.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Candids

3. Nicole Richie. From purple to blue to blonde, Nicole’s hair game is strong enough to make you want to stock up on Manic Panic.

BET AWARDS '14 - Show

4. Nicki Minaj. Remember when Nicki used to change her hair more times in a week than you ever have in your life? Even though she’s cooled down a little bit with her more natural-looking curls, she’ll always be the queen of outlandish wigs.

Elle Style Awards 2014 - Red Carpet Arrivals

5. Katy Perry. She’s been green, she’s been purple, she’s been pink, she’s been blue. For all the creative changes its been through, it’s a miracle that Katy’s hair still looks healthy and beautiful.

World Music Awards 2014 - Inside Ceremony  In Monte-Carlo

6. Miley Cyrus. There’s not much she can do to shock us anymore, but her hair certainly tries. You have to give her a round of applause for finding new and exciting ways to stick random objects in her ‘do.

Lady Gaga Live at Roseland - Arrival - April 7, 2014

7. Lady Gaga. Like Miley, the shock factor of Gaga’s style is kind of over… but you can’t really ignore her dynamic hair choices. There isn’t a color, texture, or length that she hasn’t tried.

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets - Game Six

8. Beyoncé. We love her blonde, we love her brown, we love her with braids and with curls and with to-the-butt length. We hope she’ll keep changing things up whenever she feels like it.

Celebrities Attend UFC 175 - Weidman v Machida

9. Demi Lovato. No one’s a bigger fan of trying bright colors or totally different styles, and it’s really fun to watch her update her tresses on a regular basis.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" Be Amazing Day Volunteer Day

10. Emma Stone. She goes back and forth between her natural blonde and her signature red so often that it’s impossible to remember which is happening when. You can see her light on Monday, ombre on Tuesday, and dark on Wednesday. She looks awesome either way, though, so I’m not complaining.

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