kim kardashian

While Rihanna is off making headlines with her topless photos, Miley Cyrus is finding new and inventive ways to photograph herself ingesting marijuana, and Kim Kardashian is showing off her latest cosmetic procedure, some celebrities just don’t have that natural knack for taking Instagram pics. Whether they’re covering their faces or making the same expression in every shot, here are 10 famous Instagram accounts that are full to the brim with truly terrible selfies.

ashton kutcher

1. Ashton Kutcher‘s Instagram feed has taught me three things: 1) He owns way more cowboy hats than I would have guessed, 2) he must be a lot less douchey in person than he seems online, or else Mila Kunis is really delusional, and 3) he doesn’t understand that selfies are supposed to show your face.


2. Just like Ashton loves to cover his whole face, Snooki rarely posts a photo without a giant pair of sunglasses. They’re always cute, but it’s not quite a selfie when your eyes are hidden.

kylie jenner

3. You can always count on a Kardashian sister to show off her awesome genes in a photo, but can someone explain to me why Kylie Jenner always poses with at least one finger against her face?

justin bieber

4. Justin Bieber is the king of the I’m Too Good For This selfie. He never fails to look pained, bored, exhausted, and like he’s about to hop on a flight to a douchebag convention.

ashely tisdale

5. Another expert at hardly ever showing her face, Ashley Tisdale has found a way to make “staring off into space in the opposite direction of the camera” into art.

vanessa hudgens

6. And her BFF, Vanessa Hudgens, is the reigning queen of Duck Face.


7. Don’t get me wrong– I love Oprah‘s pictures. I just feel like someone ought to explain to her that if you’re making a weird face in the first photo, you can scrap it and take another.

lady gaga

8. Not that Lady Gaga‘s actions ever make much sense, but I’ve always wondered why she posts so many selfies that look like she’s deeply confused.

john stamos

9. Far be it from me to discourage John Stamos from posting shirtless photos of himself (have mercy!), but maybe someone else should help him pick which ones to upload.

joan rivers

10. Joan Rivers‘ humor is so mean that her photos mostly make me feel bad for the other people/dogs/objects in them. I can’t look at her feed without wondering what kind of verbal abuse those Cheetos had to endure.