In keeping with the beginning of Awards season, I wanted to talk about one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity hair & makeup stylists, and one of the sweetest, and most talented I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My sister Te-see and I first met Diana Schmidtke (pronounced Schmidt-Key) back in December at an Axe Hair Event that we attended at The Prive Salon in Hollywood. The newest line of products from Axe to give your guy “girl approved hair”. Diana is their official spokesperson and has been a Celebrity Men’s Hair Stylist & makeup artist for over 10 years. From the minute we met her, we loved her!! We couldn’t stop talking and laughing about the business and of course getting her amazing tips on how to have great looking hair.

Her talent and experience will leave your jaw dropping. All of the many covers, and I mean many, and celebrities she has worked with over the years have made her one of the biggest and most in demand hair and makeup stylist in Hollywood. Her latest baby and something that is very dear to her is her book Shortcuts. The book is fantastic for anyone wishing to get into the film, TV, and editorial business. It is an easy read with so much important information you will need if you are serious about a career as a hair stylist, makeup artist, or both.

Her biography in the beginning of the book is inspirational and hides nothing. With all of her years of experience Diana is honest and passionate about her career and you feel it with every word written.  Shortcuts takes you step by step into the world of make-up (fashion & beauty), special fx, and hair. Also fun to read are her personal experiences on different jobs and all of the interesting people she has met over the years, and throughout her successful career.

She grew up in Chicago with no one in her family even remotely involved in the industry and did what ever she needed to become the “hair stylist” she wanted to be.  Diana’s ultimate goal is to live in Cost Rica for half the year and work the other half. Both my sister and I believe this dream is not far off. Shortcuts is a must have book for anyone contemplating a professional career as a make-up & hair stylist in the industry.  A fabulous reference book to keep in your kit at all times!  Available at: as well as

Next week I will be posting a contest to win a copy of Diana’s book. She will be selecting one lucky winner so stay tuned. Check out this video clip of Diana giving tips on how guys can get girl approved hair with Axe Hair products. Great looking hair doesn’t stop when you hit your 30’s and 40’s. We all deserve to age fabulously at any age…don’t you agree?

Kisses from Hollywood!


image credits: Diana Schmidtke