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It’s no secret that Hollywood has a narrow, Barbie-like standard of beauty. If a celebrity is less than “perfect,” it’s acceptable for them to get plastic surgery, fillers, hair extensions and whatever other things are necessary to achieve the desired look. That is why the majority of celebs look like they all have the exact same set of perfectly straight, blindingly white teeth. Luckily, not everyone wants to have the same generic smile. There are celebs who have decided against braces and dental work, and have embraced their natural smiles–crooked teeth, gaps and all–and they still have amazing smiles.

Here are 9 celebs that prove you don’t need to “fix” your teeth to have a gorgeous grin:

1. Kate Moss488492801CJ00020_Service_Of

We’re used to seeing her giving her best serious model face, but Kate Moss‘ slightly-pointed teeth are part of her enduring appeal.

2. Anna Paquin497118287RM00113_Premiere_O

The slight gap in Anna Paquin‘s teeth makes her smile all the more charming.

3. Jessica Paré480082783CG021_Margot_Robbi

The Mad Men star’s natural smile lights up her whole face.

4. Georgia May Jagger512063163SW075_GET_ON_UP_SP

Georgia May Jagger can thank her gap-toothed smile and pouty lips for helping her modeling career.

5. Vanessa Paradis168161704FB00057_N_5_Cultur

If you don’t immediately recognize Vanessa Paradis‘ wide gap smile, her grin is the one that has been advertising Chanel lipstick.

6. Lara Stone144777743KS018_The_IFP_Calv

We can thank Lara Stone and her gorgeous smile for the reason we are seeing more and more gap-toothed models on billboards and runways recently.

7. Lauren Hutton169850884BG062_2013_Gordon_

The iconic supermodel has graced countless magazine covers proudly showing off the gap in her front teeth.

8. Kirsten Dunst 513296411JC003_The_Two_Face

Some say that Kristen Dunst fixed her “snaggle teeth,” but she still has a unique smile that doesn’t look like a set of veneers.

9. Lindsey Wixson510806593NC00063_SAMSUNG_GA

The space in Lindsey Wixson‘s teeth is just one of the things that has made her one of the most easily recognized models.

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