It’s always nice when a diva says something nice about another diva and seems to actually mean it, so I’m quite charmed by the latest pull quote from Celine Dion. When Vegas Magazine recently asked her her feelings on Adele, the following geyser of gushiness came tumbling forth from her mouth:

“I love literally everything about her. I love her extreme talent. I love her writing. Her songs come from the soul. She’s incredibly beautiful. I think it’s very refreshing to see, and don’t get me wrong when I say this, somebody who is not looking extremely anorexic. I know for a fact, as much as you do, that the music industry makes kids get sick. So we’re not going to go further on that, but you know what I mean. She is going to help us, she’s going to help the world…It’s going to be bad when I meet her. I’m going to give her the biggest hug. I’m not kidding.”

As someone who has been rumored to have food issues herself, Celine Dion is probably coming from a place of knowledge here. And I don’t know if one person’s body positivity can change the whole world, but it’s certainly good to have healthy role models out there for all those curvy girls who don’t see their beauty represented in pop culture. Plus, Celine’s broken English is just adorable. Celine Dion, you’re okay. I hope you get to hug Adele real soon.

(Via RadarOnline)