chad hayduk 3CI’m sure you all know by now that I am in love with 3 Custom Color Specialists. I’ve probably made that more than obvious, right? While you are waiting on my review of 3C’s Concealer Trio (heaven!), I asked Chad Hayduk, MUA and co-founder of 3C to share his concealer tips–

Concealers can be used to cover blemishes, dark circles, puffs, redness, breakout, bags etc., but what to use and where?

* Most people think that one color will address all but that is not the case. Puffs and breakout and raised and need to be addressed with a shade darker than skin tone. This will make the problem recede.

* Lighter colors advance so, one or two shades lighter than skin tone will help with darker circles and areas of redness.

* As your skintone changes during the course of the year, you will need to consider a couple different concealer shades. Take a look at our Concealer trios or you can “customize” one yourself!

* Always use a brush with a concealer (especially under the eyes to get right up under the lashes!) Warm it up on the back of your hand to get it closer to body temperature (which will help in ease of application). With our concealer, you can pack it on or blend it down and use like foundation. You can completely control the amount of coverage you get! There is actually no need for foundation as with our formula you can really kill two birds with one stone!

* Under the eyes, “paint” in the direction from tear duct out. Remember, less is more and only put it where you need it. Too much concealer can look like reverse raccoon eyes! Feather our edges for a seamless look and set with a bit of translucent powder by using a clean eye shadow brush and pressing it into the areas where concealer is applied, then brush excess away. It won’t move!

* When picking out a concealer, always look for something with a bit of yellow in it which will cut redness (or purple) and brighten.

* Try using concealer as shadow base or lipstick base. Remember a perfectly primed canvas will give the truest sense of color.

* Be wary of color correctors like “mint” which will take away red! They can look very ashy and gray when used over areas of redness. Instead use a yellow based concealer for a more natural look.

* You might want to try clarifiers too as they are great concealers for the inner rims of the eyes and make a spot concealer in a pinch!

Be sure to check out 3C’s fabulous products and their blog for more makeup tips!