Earlier today, the Village Voice reported that beauty and costume chain store Ricky’s was selling a costume designed to look like anorexia nervosa. It came complete with a minidress featuring a skeleton (cause it’s sexy anorexia nervosa, of course), a bone hairpiece, and a tape measure going around the waist.

No sooner was the post published, though, than Ricky’s got in touch with the weekly and let them know that the costume wasn’t supposed to be on sale anymore, and that it had been pulled from the website.

Which is good news, I guess, except for the fact that it ever existed at all. Is Ricky’s really that short on ideas for Halloween costumes that they have to start paging through the DSM IV? I mean, aren’t there other sources of inspiration to go to first? I know someone who dressed as a q-tip for Halloween one year. Why not simply dig through the medicine cabinet? Surely a bottle of Advil, while not very funny, is at least more amusing than a disease with one of the highest mortality rates among all psychiatric illness. Call me crazy, but that bums me out. And no one wants to be bummed on Halloween.