Gisele Chanel

Everyone is obsessed with pretty much everything Gisele Bundchen does. She may be retired from the runway now, but we still follow her every move and try to figure out how to achieve her supermodel glow ourselves. Similarly, everyone is in love with Chanel. Case in point: The quilted eye makeup look at the recent Fall 2016 show from Paris Fashion Week that made the internet go wild. Combine Gisele and Chanel together and you get an unbeatable combination. We loved all of Gisele’s campaigns for the French fashion house over the years, and as an ambassador for the brand, Gisele is working with Chanel again on the brand’s new YouTube series.

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Chanel recently launched its Beauty Talk web series. The first episode features Gisele alongside Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica. If you have been wondering what is the secret to Gisele’s flawless yet effortless look–besides being blessed with some very good genes–it is time to get your pen and paper out because Gisele is sharing her beauty tips. *Spoiler alert:* Unlike a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube, Gisele does not use a bucket load of products. Gisele states that she is a “nature girl” and feels better with less makeup on.

In the video, Gisele reveals that she only applies foundation to the area around her eyes and mouth to cover up redness and to her neck. Her foundation of choice? Les Beiges, of course. She applies it with her fingertips by tapping it on.

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One big surprise is that her glow actually isn’t from bronzer, it is courtesy of a cream stick blush. Gisele applies a bit of color to the apples of her cheeks and on the bridge of her nose. FYI: Blush and mascara are her favorite products.

When it comes to her lips, Gisele also takes a simple approach. She uses a hint of nude lip liner to define her pout. Want to find out more? Check out the video:


This is a tutorial that we can actually copy. A bit of foundation, blush and lip liner? We can do that in the morning. We may not end up looking quite like Gisele, but we’ll settle with our own model glow.

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Here’s hoping that Chanel beauty campaign star and Karl Lagerfeld fave Kristen Stewart is the next one to spill her makeup secrets. We’ve hopefully figured out the Gisele glow, now we have to figure out the Kristen smokey eye. And can we also get some beauty secrets from new Chanel ambassador Willow Smith? We’re betting she has enough fun ideas to start her own spin-off web series.