While many of us were celebrating the Fourth of July, Chanel was presenting its latest looks in its Fall 2017 couture show. While there were tons of gorgeous tweed outfits and chic chapeaus, the thing that we couldn’t take our eyes off was the hair.

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Hairstylist Sam McKnight put a twist (literally) on the classic ponytail. Models’ locks were gathered into low, straight ponytails at the nape of the neck. They were then twisted around themselves to form a loop and fastened at the top. A lightweight hairnet was then applied to the coil to keep everything in place.

Sam posted a video on Instagram of how to achieve the look and it demonstrates how simple the hairstyle is to recreate. It also proves that hairnets can actually be as handy to have in your hair kit as elastics or bobby pins.

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If you want to stick with the full Chanel Fall 2017 couture look, you could complete your twisted ponytail with a tweed hat and jawbreaker-sized studs. Or you can pair your updo with whatever you like. The other brilliant thing about the ponytail is that it can be worn with almost any look.