chelsea handler in underwear

If you’ve been in the market for a topless photo of Chelsea Handler, today’s your lucky day. The comedienne took to Instagram early this morning to post this shot, presumably taken in a gym locker room, that features side boob, side butt, and minimal makeup. To make it very clear that she’s only ironically uploading a photo that will get people talking about how hot she is, she added the caption, “I’m a Kardashian.” It’s okay to want attention as long as you make it clear that you’re also mocking other people who want attention? IDK. To each their own. Either way, she looks beautiful.

chelsea handler topless

Also, I feel weird for saying this… but not weird enough to not say it. Where is her nipple? Is it just barely out of reach of the camera? Did she Photoshop it out? Celebrity selfie controversies have taught us to always look closely at the lines in Instagram pics, and if I squint, I think I can see where some photo editing might have occurred. Then again, it might just be a lucky angle, and she might have posted the picture specifically because her nipple wasn’t showing. I may be an experienced boob detective, but I’m still stumped.

Part of me is like, Is this invasive? Is talking about this rude? And the other part is like, You literally don’t post naked pictures to a social media site with a comments section if you don’t want comments. Here’s my official comment, then: You look great, Chelsea. Do your thing. I hope you find your nipple.

Photos via @chelseahandler on Instagram