Just a few weeks ago, we met Chrissy Teigen at a Stella Artois event here in New York City. She was hilarious, stunning, and very poised despite all the booze around that evening, but I suppose when it comes to sporting events, she’s a bit heavier on the drinking. In fact, the above video of Chrissy throwing the ceremonial first pitch for the L.A. Dodgers has gone viral upon the realization that homegirl was–how shall we put this?–hella tanked.

She stepped out on the field in knee-high socks, short shorts, and a cute little blue bow in her ponytail, as is customary for baseball uniforms. She threw the ball and it actually worked out pretty well! Attagirl.

'Very Drunk' Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Throws First Pitch At Dodgers Game, Somehow Making Her More Relateable Than EverNow, she seemed a little goofy on the pitch, but it was her tweets that totally gave her away.




Somehow, this has actually made Chrissy even more relatable though she’s in a situation none of us have likely ever, ever been in. But haven’t we all gotten drunker than we thought before an obligatory event? For example, I accidentally got drunk at two different weddings…that I was the wedding singer at. (I’m still for the unplanned a capella N*Sync, guys.) We’ve all done it–especially at sports matches, where it’s practically a rule that you need to drink beers from cups twice the size of a toddler. Oh, and did I mention that she’s also posting negative comments about her regarding this story? She is, which will hopefully remind some people that yes, even models are human beings with feelings.


Suddenly, I feel much better about my tipsy “derp” face now that I’ve seen the stunning lady next to me also having her own “derp” moments. Supermodels: They’re just like us! Except richer, taller and married to John Legend.