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I have this problem: I absolutely HATE IT when people with long, pretty hair cut it off. Seriously, I get viscerally upset and angry at whosoever dared to chop of their locks. I don’t know if it’s hair envy or what, but while I may not have ever been personally victimized by Regina George, I have been personally offended by many a woman who’s chosen to go short for one reason or another.

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So, when I heard that the world’s resident Queen of Maternity Style Chrissy Teigen cut her hair into a lob, I was prepared to hate it on principal. But, much to my surprise, that didn’t happen. In fact it’s pretty damn adorable. Check it out:

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The caption reads,

“New cut!! Asked for the khloe-rosie, side of chrissy khlosey and @jenatkinhair knew exactly what I meant”

When translated into proper English, I think we can be led to understand that Chrissy asked Jen Atkin, a.k.a. celebrity hair stylist whose more well-known clients include Jenna Dewan-Tatum and the entire Kardashian clan, to give her a look just like Khloe Kardashian‘s now-infamous lob. And boy, did she deliver. Plus, with her daughter on the way, this shorter, sassier haircut will be much easier to take care of without falling victim to the classic “mom cut” problem.

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Spring is always a huge time for hair transformations, so it’s not entirely surprising to see Chrissy take the plunge. In the past month alone, Lucy Hale has gone blonder than ever before, both Sarah Hyland and Shailene Woodley opted for a darker look, and Ariel Winter joined the ginger squad. Who do you think’ll be next? My money’s on Demi Lovato, reason being because she never seems to keep a style for longer than a couple of months, and her current short haircut is starting to feel all too familiar.

Do you like Chrissy’s new cut? Would you try out a lob for Spring? Tell us in the comments!