Christie Brinkley Sailor Daughter Justin Bieber

We all know that Christie Brinkley doesn’t age. Period. Christie, and a lot of the other 90s supermodels’ looks remain unchanged while time marches on (hello: Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington…the list goes on). If you want even more proof that Christie is immune to aging, she uploaded a photo to Instagram of her and her daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook, posing with Justin Bieber, and they could seriously pass as sisters.

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How is this possible?! In case you forgot, may I remind you that Christie is 60-years-old? On the other hand, Sailor is 16-years-old. The age difference doesn’t matter in the photo because they look practically identical in floor-length black dresses. They have the exact same tousled blonde hair and high cheekbones. And are they even wearing the shade of lipstick? Plus, they both know how to work the camera like model pros.

Justin Bieber also looks like he could be a close relative of the family, thanks to his 90s boy band bleach blonde hair, that’s just visible under his hat. He’s also matching Christie and Sailor by wearing black with white, but that may not have been intentional.

Looking at this photo, you will ask yourself for the zillionth time: “What is Christie Brinkley’s anti-aging secret?” Some miracle serum? Daily trips to an oxygen chamber? She isn’t actually human? We’ll probably never find out, just like we will never stop being amazed by it. I bet she will be able to pass for her granddaughters too.

(Photo: Instagram/ChristieBrinkley)