christiebrinkley.jpgHow has Christie Brinkley, the iconic American beauty, dominated the fashion modeling industry since the Seventies?

It’s that one-of-a-kind smile.

Despite her recent share of personal woes, Brinkley’s smile hasn’t faded. Her public persona seems unmarred by her real life drama, and when she flashes those pearly whites, we get a feeling that all is well.

Following are highlights from Dear Doctor – Dentistry & Oral Health’s exclusive new interview with Christie Brinkley in the Vol. 2, Issue 4 edition.

On how her smile helped her career:

“I think my smile was really my passport to success in the modeling industry.”

On her best beauty secret:

“Smile! It’s instantly UPLIFTING. Both for the face and the spirit! And today my theory has been scientifically proven, that a smile actually releases chemicals into our brain that makes us feel immediately happier! So go out and SMILE!”

On her brief foray into the “expressionless” world of runway modeling:

“I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!”

On the secret to her famous smile:

“I am very fortunate, it’s called genetics, which is the most precious gift any of us could have along with the intelligence to take care of that gift by practicing good oral hygiene and having regular dental appointments.”

On not needing braces as a teenager:

“I lucked out and got my mom’s beautiful straight teeth— I never needed braces and I never got cavities. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want braces, because it seemed like the coolest kids had them— I wanted them so badly I would bend a paper clip and wear it like a retainer.”

On whether the modeling world required her to have cosmetic dentistry work done:

“No, they just wanted me to STOP CHEWING!!!!! They always want you thinner!”

On the power of a smile:

“I think a smile makes EVERYONE beautiful! It’s the greatest gift we give each other. It’s an expression of friendship, love and peace!”

On what currently makes her smile:

“Saturday Night Live cracks me up! The cast is fantastic; the political humor is spot on. Let’s face it we all need a good sense of humor these days!”

On the back country skiing helicopter crash that nearly changed her smile forever:

“I fractured two molars in the back of my mouth and I had to get two dental implants. While I am grateful for the dental implant technology that feels and looks so natural, just thinking of that accident makes my teeth ACHE! OUCHIWAWA!”

On how she began her career:

“I moved to Paris at 18 to pursue art studies, and worked briefly there as an illustrator. In the spring of 1973, my life changed when I was spotted walking down Rue Pernety in Paris, by a fashion designer looking for a special look for an assignment. He told me later he immediately thought, ‘That’s the girl!’”

On how the modeling industry has changed since she began her career:

“I am happy to say that beauty has evolved to include all ethnicities, shapes, sizes and ages… And models have gone from nameless ‘clothes hangers’ to fully branded household names… It’s a REAL career today!”

On Hollywood’s obsession with white teeth:

“When it comes to teeth, keep it as natural as possible— do not go OVER board on whitening. You want your teeth to compliment your face. Your friends should not be required to wear sunglasses when you smile!”