For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been live-tweeting (ack..maybe more like live-trashing) the Golden Globes all night.

Christina Hendricks: image by Zuma Press

Christina Hendricks: image by Zuma Press

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There is a lot stacked against the guests at tonight’s awards ceremony tonight – the weather is ABYSMAL, and it’s wreaking havoc on many looks. But not everyone’s: We heart the gorgeous Christina Hendricks of Mad Men!

Her makeup was done by celebrity makeup artist Vanessa Scali shu uemura, who says her inspiration was “effortless and chic: sheer satin eyes, pink milk-maid cheeks and a siren mouth. Christina’s dress has a sexy, yet soft look. We mirrored this with her make up. I love the contrast of the angelic, innocent face with the sexy edge of a strong mouth.”

We totally agree! Look how seamless every aspect of her look is tonight, from her hair to her dress to her brightly contrasted face!

Here’s how to steal Christina’s look:

Get started. “I used shu uemura’s new Depsea Hydrability Moisture Cream. This cream seriously hydrates, yet disappears into the skin leaving the skin feeling fresh and smooth,” Vanessa says. She followed up with Lancôme’s Effacernes in Porcelain on the undereye, and very minimal foundation. “Christina has nearly flawless skin. I used shu uemura’s Nobara Cream Cover Stick foundation,” Vanessa says.

As for blush, Vanessa used shu uemura’s brand new Satin Radiant Stick Blush on the apples of the cheeks and Satin Radiant Stick in Highlight all over the eye (from lash line to brow) then swept it down to highlight the very peak of the cheekbones.

We were blown away by striking eyes, which were done in shu uemura’s Drawing Pencil in Black. Also, to open up the eye, Vanessa lined the inside rim of the eye with shu uemura’s Eye Light White, finishing up with luxe lashes in shu uemura’s Flare eyelashes in Black and and a coat of Ultimate Expression Mascara.

As for those ruby lips? Vanessa used shu uemura’s Rouge Unlimited #134!

What did you all think of Christina Hendricks’ Golden Globes look?