Flower nails and wire nails may have temporary distracted us, but one of the big nail trends of the last few years is chrome nails. People have been on a quest to find nail polishes that give them a liquid, mirror-like finish that is so shiny they can see their reflections in it. Sadly, with most polishes that just hasn’t been possible. But Ciate London is about to make it possible with what the brand is describing as “the world’s first liquid mirror chrome nail polish.”

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You’ve probably tried enough metallic nail polishes to know that even if they’re called “chrome” they don’t really give you that proper mirror-like finish. If you want a proper chrome look, you have to go to the pros or you have to use complicated kits with gels, powders and many steps. With Ciate’s upcoming launch, it only takes one step to get the dazzling finish. As the brand says, there is no powder and no gel involved. Just paint the polish on and admire your nails.

Ciate’s Liquid Mirror Chrome Nail Polish has been three years in the making so you know it’s going to be a big deal. Furthermore, the brand has consistently given us some of the coolest nail kits and nail polishes finishes around so you can practically guarantee that it’s going to deliver on the promise.

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While you’re probably ready to dash out and get your bottle of chrome nail polish right now, note that Ciate London’s Liquid Mirror Chrome Nail Polish isn’t available quite yet. The brand didn’t specify a specific launch date and only hinted that it will be coming soon. So, watch this space for more details.