Once upon a time, Cindy Crawford made me want to have sexy arms. I sought them through daily use of her workout video, during which time I learned such indispensable exercises as the tricep pushback, the bicep curl, and the shoulder press, all using 5 lb. hand weights.

Well, that was a long time ago, and now, Cindy Crawford is giving me something realistic to look forward to — turning 40. Racked.com reports:

“I don’t think you come into your own until you’re 35 or so,” Cindy Crawford tells the Sunday Mirror in one of her most in-depth interviews in recent years…

“I’m becoming a woman of a certain age….I’ve tried botox but I’m afraid of it. I don’t think injections should be used to change your face. I’m not a fan of fillers at all. If you’ve gone 35 or 40 years without big lips, I don’t think it’s time to start plumping them up artificially.”

Is what Cindy says news? Not really. But it is refreshingly honest. Scared of Botox? Me too! And it’s not because my forehead couldn’t use a little touch-up — it’s because that shit is scary, yo, and once you start you probably can’t stop.

Also, Crawford displays what I’d like to call obvious wisdom — of course you shouldn’t begin plumping your lips at 35 or 40. In our rational minds, we all know that. But that doesn’t mean that the urge won’t strike. And that doesn’t mean that, even if you hate yourself while you’re doing it, you won’t succumb to that urge.

So it’s not rocket science, what this ex-supermodel tells us. But it’s a good reminder that things will keep getting better for us ladies with age, if only we choose to forego the obsession with changing things and let nature take its glorious course.