A vintage Revlon campaign starring Cindy Crawford.

A vintage Revlon campaign starring Cindy Crawford.

Legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber is currently busy doing press for the 25th anniversary of his Chet Baker documentary, Let’s Get Lost. As part of his promo duties, he stopped by the Huffington Post offices to discuss his career and the laundry list of supermodels with whom he’s worked.

Since it’s always a hot topic, HuffPo decided to ask if Weber had ever sent a model away from a shoot for being too thin. Weber deflected by telling a little story about then-rising Cindy Crawford and her horrible attitude on a Revlon set:

“I’ve sent a model back, I’ve only sent one model back. I’ve never sent a model back because of their weight. I was photographing–and I’ve really become friends with this girl since then–Cindy Crawford who was on a Revlon shoot and she was so rude to the whole team and the crew. Not to me, but I didn’t really go for that. …So, I was photographing some old boxers at a boxing gym in LA and she said to the art director, ‘Why is Bruce photographing those old boxers when he could be photographing me? My makeup’s ready.’ So [the art director] came and he told me and I walked up to her and I said, ‘Did you say that,’ she said ‘Yes,’ [I said] ‘Get out of here!’ And she left and she was crying. That’s the only model I’ve ever sent.”

Ah, to be a ’90s supermodel and–in Crawford’s defense, it sounds occasionally very scary!

As for that question of sending home models for being underweight, Weber says he wouldn’t send them home, he “would just put a lot of clothes on her and [afterwards] I would talk to her agency and say, ‘Listen, I think you’ve got to watch this girl. She needs your help.’ ”

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