If a Clarisonic brush is an essential part of your skincare routine, you might soon have one that is an essential part of your makeup routine too. That’s because Clarisonic is launching a Sonic Foundation Brush.

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If you regularly use your fingers, sponges, blenders or regular old foundation brushes to apply your makeup, the Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush will be a game-changer. The reason is that the makeup device applies the product in a way that you simply could never replicate with your hands or manual beauty tools.

The Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush looks similar to a foundation brush with its brush head fibers and narrow shape. However, the key difference is that you attach the brush head to a compatible Clarisonic device (Mia I, Mia II, Mia Fit and Smart Profile) which allows it to vibrate at a whopping 18,000 “micro-blends” per second. This gives you seamless, natural coverage and makes the foundation disappear on your skin. What’s more, the device promises a quick, mess-free application where you actually use less foundation.

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And there’s no need to just stop at foundation. You can also use the Sonic Foundation Brush to apply bronzer, blush, highlighter, primer and contouring products. Basically, if you have a cream or a liquid product, you can use the brush with it.

If you already have a Clarisonic device, getting the Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush costs about the same as a regular, high-end foundation brush. The brush costs $35 and you can pre-order yours right now from the Clarisonic website. If you want to wait until the makeup device launches before you get it, it will be coming out in April.

The Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush launches in April 2017.