celine dion

Okay, I want you to ask yourself who would dress up as the kind of bunny who would kill you? Other than Lady Gaga. While Lady Gaga is the obvious choice I can’t help but feel that Lady Gaga’s take on this would somehow be… happier. It would be more charming stuffed animals or some such. Maybe less masks.

It’s Celine Dion. Of course she would wear this costume. She has a heart deep as the ocean and a mind twisted as a coral reef. I remember a show she did where she appeared on stage in what seemed to be some manner of an Egyptian barge (like a burnished throne!) I don’t really understand Celine Dion. That said, I’m thinking about going as this variation of her as my Halloween costume. That’s because I believe in frightening halloween costumes that will get people to flee, forgetting their bags of candy as they go.

To be fair, the other photos of her from this shoot, which Jamie covered yesterday, seem much, much more normal. Am I being too hard on her? I mean, My Heart Will Go On was pretty much the soundtrack to our teen years, so maybe I should be nicer to Celine.

Picture via VMag