0007_climed_probiotic_cleanser_4x19Looking for a cleanser (or better yet a skin care line) for acne prone or sensitive skin?  Clinique Medical has the answer with a new Probiotic cleanser.  Probiotic Cleanser is a soothing, gentle formula that removes debris and excess oil while reducing irritation. It dissolves all makeup to create a pure palette for cosmetic procedures to better penetrate while restoring the skin’s bacteria balance. It also boosts the skin’s barrier with lipids to protect against damage and promote calmness and comfort.

CLINIQUE MEDICAL Probiotic Cleanser

A mild cleanser ideal for acne-prone skin or plain-ol’ sensitive skin types. Probiotics protect against the daily effects of environmental stress by maintaining the skin’s barrier with natural lipids.

  • Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance Free; Price: $27.50 for a 150ml. tube
  • Patent-pending Probiotic Technology – Lactobacillus Ferment
  • Skin Strengthening Lipid Barrier Repair Complex (Cholesterol/Murumuru Butter/Linoleic Acid/Glycerin/Vitamin E)
  • Blend of makeup-dissolving ingredients which target both hydrophobic and hydrophilic ingredients in makeup, helping to ensure complete removal.

I have heard on many fronts that this cleanser is genius for people that have cystic acne issues….The great thing about Clinique Medical is that it is carried only through a dermatologist so you know you are getting the top of the line dermatologist grade skin care (click here to find a doctor near you that carries the line).

Image:  Clinique Medical