There are a lot of lipstick formulas out there from lip oils to others that are pretty much liquefied glitter. That being said, most of us are still completely addicted to our liquid lipsticks. It’s time to open up your mind a bit more because there are lots of exciting lippies on the market including Clinique Pop Lip Shadow ($19.50).

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That’s right, the innovative lipsticks are basically like an eyeshadow for your lips. Their full name is the Clinique Pop Lip Shadow Cushion Matte Lip Powder” and the beauty brand describes them as a weightless matte powder that delivers bold, highly pigmented lip color.”

The packaging is just as innovative as the matte powder lipstick. The Pop Lip Shadows come in skinny silver tubes that are more similar to lip liners or eyeshadows than traditional lip colors.

To dispense the color, you unscrew the clear cap from the wand and the white lip from the cylindrical cap. Then you push the sponge applicator inside of the cap. Next, twist it to load the color. You’re then ready to apply the gorgeous product to lips.

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The Clinique Pop Lip Shadows are currently available in eight shades including Fiesta Pop (deep violet), Blossom Pink (medium pink), Bright Pop (deep coral red), Brown Sugar Pop (spiced brown), Fuchsia Pop (fuchsia brow), Dune Pop (grayish nude), Fun Pop (grape) and Crimson Pop (vivid red).

No matter what shade you fancy, you can check them out on the Clinique website right now.