Coca-Cola nail polish sounded totally crazy, and not like anything I would ever want ever. (Unlike OPI’s Muppet-themed nail polish, which I knew I would have to have the moment I knew there was a Miss Piggy polish.) OPI’s new collaboration with the soda company is a weird concept for a collection, and I don’t generally need more corporate branding in my beauty cabinet than is already there. But then I saw the pictures and was stunned. The colors are actually excellent. Several are great for warmer weather, and “Coca-Cola Red” is nice and bright and orangey in a way that might make it the best bright, retro red ever for summer. I have at least nine shades of red nail polish in my house, and I’m still going to add this one. (I will wear it with a sun hat and a Breton-striped shirt.)


In addition to the perfect red, according to Lucky, there’s also “You’re So Vain-illa,” inspired by vanilla Coke. It’s a creamy shade that’s a nice, warm take on the pure white polish that was the main nail trend last summer. There’s also two grape purples; a “Diet Coke” inspired silver; a bright salmon pink that is supposedly inspired by Vanilla Coke but really just looks like Palm Beach in a bottle; a shimmery chocolate brown called “Today I Accomplished Zero,” which is a downer of a name for a summer nail polish; a slime green theoretically inspired by Sprite but that really looks like Swamp Thing polish; and “Orange You Fantastic!” an enthusiastic carnelian orange glitter that will have the Fanta theme song stuck in your head all day.

They go on sale in June in both regular nail polish and gel polish. (OK, the availability of a gel version officially means my nails are going to be Coca Cola Red for the next three months.) If you decide you need all of them, they’re also available in an 8-bottle set of minis with a bonus top coat for $24.95.

(Photos: Instagram, Facebook/OPI)