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Do you ever have one of those days when you’re like, damn, I know it’s Tuesday, and it’s only two o’clock in the afternoon, and I’m at work, but I could really use a good, strong cocktail? What’s that? You’re having one of those days right now?

OK, so while I can’t reach through the computer screen to hand you a cocktail–you hard-working boozehound, you–what I can do is almost as good. I’ve rounded up eight of my favorite cocktail-scented perfumes for you to check out while you’re “working.” Consider them your pinch hitters–because sure, you can’t actually drink cocktails all afternoon, but you can smell like you did, and that’s a close second, right?

And now, without further ado, the eight best cocktail-scented perfumes on the market today:

Demeter Sex on the Beach ($20, 1 oz)

demeter 1

Damn, Demeter Fragrances just keeps getting better and better. Not only have they blessed the world with this perfume, a perfect replica of the Sex on the Beach cocktail, but their website also offers some helpful tips for how to successfully have sex on the beach. I kid you not. I love this company.

Tokyo Milk Gin & Rosewater No. 12 ($30, 1 oz)

gin rose water

This scent is surprisingly fresh, clean, and fizzy. With notes of citrus, rosewood, and mandarin, this perfume is perfect for the girl who considers herself a classy lady, but can still toss back a gin and tonic with the best of them. Oh, and how pretty would that bottle look on your nightstand?

Calvin Klein One Summer ($54, 3.4 oz)

calvin klein

This classic fragrance leads with lime, so if you’re a margarita kind of girl, you’re going to love it. Calvin Klein One Summer finishes with strong notes of coconut, so pina colada lovers will get into it too. I should mention that this is a unisex fragrance, so girls who love super sweet or floral scents might not be big fans.

Commodity Mimosa ($99, 3.4 oz)


This is the perfume that you reach for on days when you want to feel like you’re an Upper East Sider having brunch with the Blair Waldorfs and Serena van der Woodsens of the world. This lovely and crisp fragrance features notes of blood orange, grapefruit, jasmine, and ylang ylang. I can’t get enough of the chic, minimalist bottle.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely ($28, 3.4 oz)


Sex and the City fans will be disappointed to learn that there’s no Cosmopolitan notes in Sarah Jessica Parker’s debut fragrance. Instead, it’s a mix of bergamot, lavender, patchouli, and orchid, but the strongest note is undoubtedly the scent of apple martini.

Demeter Mojito ($20, 1 oz)


I know I already included a Demeter fragrance on this list, but I couldn’t leave this one off. Fans of the mojito–which consists of white rum, lime, soda, and mint–will love this crisp and refreshing perfume.

Bath and Body Works Peach Bellini ($14, 8 oz)

peach bellini

You’re not going to get a ton of lasting power from a Bath and Body Works fragrance–it’s a mist, after all–but when it smells this good and costs $14, who cares? Toss a bottle of Peach Bellini in your gym bag to help you freshen up post-workout.

Bond No 9 Coney Island ($205, 1.7 oz)

bond n 9

Oh, man, Bond No. 9, how you tantalize me with your insanely delicious smelling perfumes but slightly too-rich-for-my-blood prices. If you want to smell like a margarita with a dash of cinnamon and sandalwood thrown in the mix–and you have a extra cash to drop–then this is the fragrance for you.