Women In The World Event

You can always count on spunky Coco Rocha to drop some major truthbombs into every interview she gives. The gorgeous model recently chatted with Glamour about everything from beauty products to Instagram to body shaming, and this quote about the latter stands out to me:

I think in general it has always mainly been women who make themselves and other women feel bad about their bodies. We are our own worst critics and enemies. Personally, every day I see some ignorant comment from some woman out there telling me to ‘eat a hamburger’ or something to that effect. Thin-shaming has become as prevalent as fat-shaming. Why do we need to criticize other women’s bodies? It baffles me and is really sad. Unfortunately, it’s also not something I imagine will end soon.

I definitely don’t disagree with her– our culture so expects women to be in constant competition against each other that it’s almost inevitable that we’ll put each other down– but it makes me really sad when that competition is portrayed as being our own faults. Women aren’t inherently cruel, and we don’t pop out of the womb wanting to tear each other down. We spend our entire lives being fed the message that pleasing men is the ultimate goal, and our desire to beat out other women for the attention of dudes is an unfortunate consequence. That doesn’t negate the fact that women’s comments about each other’s bodies can cause real harm, and I don’t mean to say that we ‘can’t stop ourselves’ from passing judgment on other ladies, but it’s still depressing that women are always blamed for fighting in a war we didn’t sign up for.

Still, Coco’s words serve as a great reminder that we should all strive to improve the way we talk about bodies. Telling someone to lose weight is bullshit. Telling someone to ‘eat a hamburger’ is bullshit. Our entire culture is constantly working to make us feel horrible about ourselves, and we don’t need to speed up that process by making judgmental comments about each other. It’s reasonable that Coco doesn’t think this girl-on-girl war will end any time soon, but I have faith in our collective ability to rise above it.

Via Glamour / Photo: Getty Images