Supermodel Coco Rocha became the latest famous person to Karlie (or should I say, Beyonce?) her hair today, with a cut that is as functional as it is adorable. This being the age of social media, Allure Magazine was there to live tweet it, because if a model gets a haircut and nobody is watching, did it even really happen?

At the start of the “coverage,” Coco had long, straight model hair, and looked pretty bored with it:

coco-rocha1Here is a picture of “the first snip” (you can’t see her face here, but I am assuming she did not cry):



The cut really began to take shape about halfway through:



“I want it shorter on the sides,” she said.



And finally, the big reveal of the cut in its final, styled form:


While I find it mildly annoying that people feel the need to tweet about everything they eat, wear and buy these days, this actually has some (fashion) journalistic value in that a lot of people actually do care (maybe too much) what this lady does with her hair. And, the fashion world being what it is, models tend to keep their hair so uniformly long that it’s still kind of exciting when someone gets the balls (and status) to change her look. In fact, I could totally see this being shot as a straight forward front-of-the-book magazine feature in the pre-digital age. “Model cuts hair, with (spoiler alert) sexy results!”

That said, I want pretty famous people to stop doing this, because you know you can only see short hair looking good on so many people before you Hannah Horvath the shit out of yourself in a mad fit of boredom. To which I say: go for it.

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Photos: Twitter