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You already knew Coco Rocha could dance, speak intelligently on a variety of topics, and of course, model. But did you know she’s also a fairly convincing singer of rock and roll music? What can’t this unfairly talented lady do?

In the online portion of The Hunger Magazine‘s “Girls Girls Girls” issue, the 24-year-old supermodel stars in a ‘fashion and music film’ featuring the Spring ’13 collection of one Roberto Cavalli, in which she struts around while singing a song called “I Wanna” which was written specifically for her. As far as I can tell, the songwriter isn’t credited, but I hope he or she at least made a lot of money for it, because it’s a better iteration of throwback ’70s glam rock than much of what we’ve heard in recent years. (Sorry, Buck Cherry!)

Watching Coco fling her hair around in the wind and mug for the camera, I think it’s clear we have a classic triple-threat on our hands. “When does she act?” you may ask. To which I say: if a married, nudity-averse Jehovah’s Witness can convincingly pretend she’s Mick Jagger about to get his cock sucked by Bebe Buell, people should start sending her scripts immediately.

What will Coco Rocha demonstrate she can do next? Land an airplane? Tie an angler’s knot? Cure cancer??? One thing’s for certain: I enjoy this new trend of “models singing,” if only because I fantasize about randomly being asked to sing at my job, too.

(Via Fashionologie)