Just when we were starting to think of giving up the nail art thing and going back to basic red, there’s a new, weird nail polish that’s making us want to try it.

The new Shade Shifter by Orly isn’t actually a nail polish, it’s a top coat. It goes on black over Orly’s Gel FX gel lacquers, but then it can turn translucent as your temperature rises. Because your body temperature probably won’t be affecting the coat evenly, the change means your nails can change one at a time or in two-toned, gradient, or tie dye patterns along the way. A polish that starts pink can turn fuchsia, red, dark red, and more along the way.

And we have to say they got the timing on this product release just right. Now that it’s gotten hot outside, you should be able to see the polish work its magic whenever you leave the air conditioning and venture outdoors.

Gel manicures are great in that they last a really long time, but sometimes that can get a little boring if you’re used to swapping your polish every week. So the temperature-sensitive top coat (Orly is adamant that it is a color change nail polish, not a “mood polish”) could be a way to vary the color so you don’t get bored. And since it goes completely clear, the original color will always be under there if you want it back. Just dip your hand in some hot water.

This suddenly seems like an excellent product to wear to sleep-away camp. If someone tries to stick your hand in warm water while you’re sleeping to make you wet the bed, you’ll know as soon as you wake that you were pranked in your sleep and will be able to concentrate on getting even instead of worrying about if you had an accident. (Damn, I wish this stuff existed back when I was 10.)

Via Refinery29/Photo: Facebook/Orly