If you are looking for a fantastic holiday gift idea, look to LUSH. They offer colorful, affordable bath and body products that are especially designed for Christmas and the holiday season. One of my favorites is the Color Me Christmas set.

Image: LUSH

Image: LUSH

Color Me Christmas looks like a gingerbread house but inside the box is five fabulous pampering treats — Strawberry Santa Shower Jelly, Lil’ LUSH Pud Bath Bomb, Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Mr. Butterball Bath Bomb and Satsumo Bath Bomb.

Priced at just $29.95, this a terrific gift to buy for a child to give to a loved one. The gingerbread house box is meant to be colored in, allowing your child to personalize this gift before giving it.

To Be Jolly is another affordable gift. This selection of bath goodies includes: Mr. Butterball Bath Bomb, Ice Blue Soap and Cinders Bath Bomb. The wrapping paper on this gift is reusable. You can cut out the gift wrap pictures and use them to dress up the paper-doll snowman tag. The To Be Jolly set is priced at just $16.95.

Visit LUSH.com to check out more bath and body products that are ideal for holiday gift giving.