We can name about 100 different hair color trends. There are ones inspired by Starburst, sunsets and even sushi. While we could spend all day obsessing over the pretty pastel colored dye jobs, what we sometimes forget about is the amazing techniques that go into creating them all. We’re all familiar with ombre, but it’s time that we get acquainted with color misting, because the watercolor-like technique is blowing up on social media.

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Allure reports that hairstylist Stephanie Lawrence is the genius behind the technique. Lucky for us, she posted a full-length video on Instagram of how she achieves the perfect airbrushed color mist look. Spoiler alert: It involves some unconventional tools.

To get a perfect blend of colors, Stephanie uses hair dye (Pulpriot Hair) that has been diluted with water. She then uses a spray bottle to apply the color to the hair to create the dreamy blended effect.

Stephanie revealed that she was inspired to create the look after one of her fellow hairstylist friends created a similar look using an airbrushing machine. Stephanie wanted to come up with a way to mimic the technique without the fancy gadget, and the color misting technique was born from there.

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It’s something that you could potentially try at home as long as you have spray bottles. The only thing to remember is that because the dyes are diluted with a bit of water, they will not last as long. However, that just means you’ll be able to experiment with more different hair looks each time one fades away. Who’s ready to get their spray on?

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